JU 1000 Chi Generator

JU 1000
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JU 1000 Chi Generator

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Basic Low Pulse Chi Generator® with six pre-set brainwave frequencies (see dials below), 70% stronger than the JU 99, with a lot more flexibility. You can regard the JU 1000 as a combination of six JU in one, and in addition to this, you have a dial for continuous settings. The JU 1000 provides life energy for your body and for your mind — Above all, you can put yourself into any brain wave state by selecting a specific pulse frequency of your life energy generator.

Product Description

Your JU 1000 Chi generator® can make a difference – and a very big difference at that!  By now it is well-established that the technology of the life energy generator is far superior over all conventional type light-sound mind machines.  The reasons are obvious: you can set up your Chi Generator® to emit low pulse life energy in the exact frequency of brain waves of your choice: Alpha, Beta, Theta, or Delta.  When you are surrounded by a field of LPO (Low Pulse life energy, or Orgone), then your brain can adjust to its frequency almost instantly.  This is so, because the detour over sensory perceptions or questionable electric mini-shocks (as in a couple of more recent devices) is no longer necessary.

Life energy in brain wave frequencies means a more effective impact and therefore faster results.  This means that you can achieve the corresponding states of mind very fast!!!

The most striking advantage of our LPO technology over conventional type mind machines is the fact that you can project LPO (life energy of low frequency) at any distance!  This has been proven with the help of EEG devices over and over again.  Simply use a structural link such as the transfer disk of the life energy generator or any one of the specialty power boosters, put it into your pocket, set your generator of life energy at the desired pulse speed, and go then to a business meeting, on a date, to the gym, to a sports competition, or anywhere else.  Nobody will notice your invisible helper!  That’s all!  You certainly can relax or go about your usual business at any place.

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