JU 99 CE Chi Generator

JU 99 CE Chi Generator
JU 99 CE with PBT 2400 Power Booster Transfer CoupleJU 99 CE with PBT 2400 Power Booster Transfer CoupleJU 99 CE with TC 99 Transfer CoupleJU 99 CE with RAOPTC Power Transfer CoupleJU 99 CE with RAOPTC Power Transfer Couple

JU 99 CE Chi Generator

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Small Size Entry Level Chi Generator®

The JU 99 is an entry-level bare-bones Chi Generator® (orgone generator®) for individual use that fits every budget. This extraordinary device contains all the essential parts of the larger Chi Generators®.

Its excellent qualities make it a powerful utensil for all persons whose budget does not allow them yet to acquire a larger, stronger, and more versatile Chi Generator®, and who are very serious about bringing “this magic into their lives” and who are ready to work on decisive changes towards prosperity, satisfying relationships, confidence, peace of mind and happiness.
The JU 99-10, TF 99 CE, SPP 99 CE and GPP 99 CE have been designed for the same purpose. They have different frequency settings

For the entry level, the JU 99 CE is excellent for basic energy and relaxation work and to get acquainted with life force technologies.

The JU 99 is convenient and easy to use for any person, and it can be the most important utensil in every household.

Product Description

You can increase its output and enhance the energy transfer with a Transfer Couple TC 99 or the PTB 2400 Power Booster. Keep the JU 99 turned on in your home with Part 1 of the TC 99 in front of the output pipe, while you have the Part 2 of the TC 99 Transfer Couple in your pocket. This way, you can receive the energy without loss, whether you are just a few blocks away from your home or half around the globe! Naturally, you can get a much stronger power boost of your JU 99 CE with the PBT 2400, about three times its power output!

In addition to this, any radionics device or other equipment for manifestation and action at a distance that you put into the life force field of a JU 99 CE or any other Chi Generator® will be more effective. It becomes then a Power device that is boosted with life force. You can achieve the same effect when combining the JU 99 CE with any one of our manifestation programs. You can use it for any amount of time, day and night, 7 – 24, when using the AC – DC – adapter.

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