PFC 2000 Chi Generator

PFC 2000  Chi Generator
PFC 2000 Chi Generator

PFC 2000

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There are many ways you can set one individual frequency, for instance the Earth frequency of 7.83 Hz, because the PFC 2000 has three dials. This characteristic of many different positions of the dials for the same frequency allows you to use the PFC 2000 also radionically.

You can set up the PFC simply with one specific life force frequency, which you then transfer to yourself, ideally with a transfer disk of the TC 99 or PBT 2400. Of course you can also sit in front of the Chi Generator®. A transfer (the TC 99 in included) is much easier, of course. Transferring to yourself just a specific frequency is great, when, for instance, you are exercising (20 Hz is a good frequency), being creative (7.83 Hz) or when you go into deep meditative states or into states of autogenic training, in which case very low frequencies are ideal.


Product Description

Whenever you decide to use your PFC 2000 for specific effects, or to achieve desired results, setting it up is very easy to set up. First simply turn it on and turn on the frequency meter. If you use a vision board, then simply put it in front of the PFC 2000, which then provides the vision board with the necessary life force connecting trends and targets, and this way helping to make things happen much faster and with much more reliability.

You can add one or more affirmations – simply write it all down on a piece of paper, which you put then anywhere close to the Chi generator® – and as such it combines the vision board with your affirmations. Then, if you decide to combine it with the software, put the structural link to the software in front of the output pipe. The PFC 2400 has an audio input for your affirmations, which you can speak onto an MP3 player and loop it for very effective transfer either to yourself or to others. Naturally, you can also connect it with the output of your sound card, and this way the audio output of your software will be transmuted into orgone energy, which pulsates exactly following these pre-set frequencies and/or affirmations. Ideal for telepathic experiments!

The power of the PFC 2400 is heavy duty!

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